AHMAD ABDULLAH & GOH is a fully diversified firm of Chartered Accountants in Malaysia which services clients through offices and associates throughout the country and internationally.

AHMAD ABDULLAH & GOH is a Bumiputra firm established by Mr. Michael Goh and the late Y.B. Dato’ Ahmad Abdullah in 1976 following a re-organisation of the original firm of S. Renganathan & Co. which traces its origins to the early 1950s. The Firm was one of the first locally established accounting firms and over the years, the activities and range of professional services of the Firm have expanded to serve the requirements of clients which have been set up or have grown as a result of Malaysia’s effective industrialisation programmes.

The Firm is one of the leading firms engaged to carry out annual and special audits on behalf of the Auditor General as public sector audits have been increasingly privatised.

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